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    Replacing paper bag for a single use, compatible with PROFI 1 PROFI 3 - Packages of 5 units.

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    PROFI 10.5 like its big brother the PROFI 10 is perfect for cleaning the home, has retractable cable and a capacity of 5 liters for dirt, with a functional design, it is easy to hide anywhere at home, what difference, it is that our PROFI 10.5 no accessories can be added.

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    PROFI 10 is the most complete of our vacuum cleaners for home, quiet and powerful with a unique vertical design, with a capacity of its bag of 5 liters, with self retracting cable and 7 meters cable. It also has various accessories can be used, which can be plugged into this device to maximize cleaning at home. Three suction speeds to optimize cleaning.

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    210,99 € In Stock

    PROFI 1 vacuum cleanerWeight: 7 kgTank capacity: 10lWork range: 19mSuction hose length: 2,8Power cord length: 15mMaximal power: 900WProfessional, Polish bagged vacuum cleaner for dry vacuuming of large areas. 19-meter working range and 10-liter dustbag decrease the operating cost of cleaning.Standard equipment of the vacuum cleaner:- small nozzle,- brush...

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    225,66 € In Stock

    The profi 3 is the quintessential professional vacuum cleaner with large capacity and built with the same design as his brothers PROFI 1 and 2, this vacuum has retractor cable powerful suction and a very quiet engine, thanks to its design. It is perfect for hotels, bed and breakfast and pensions and residences. With a cable 7 meters is a very functional...

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    169,40 € In Stock

    The PROFI vacuum cleaner 5 is the smallest and lightest family PROFI, quieter and just 62 dB.Despite the small size a capacity of 10 liters capacity for dirt. Despite the size of this device it is suitable for use in large areas and can also pass the test at home or in small areas. This little giant has no self retracting cable.

    169,40 €
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    348,48 € In Stock

    The PROFI 45.29 is a perfect professional vacuum cleaner for cleaning or for cleaning industrial spaces in areas where there have been construction and renovation. It is made of high quality materials, the body is steel to improve impact resistance. With capacity for 29 liters and only 61dB.

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    The PROFI 1.2 is the most complete of his brothers is designed for cleaning both large areas (hotels, offices, offices) and small (houses and apartments). The main advantages of PROFI 1.2 to 15 m hose, rubber band protects furniture hit with rubber wheels and most striking is that collects and stores cord in the box manually to have more control on the...

    229,58 €
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We are a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of professional vacuum cleaners. Made and designed entirely in Europe, by our skilled technicians, our vacuum cleaners have European technology and are strong and resilient. There are now a wide variety of models that can be used both in workplaces such as hotels, offices, schools, shops, etc. and in our homes, since its manufacture to high quality and great suction power thanks to their Italian engines make these machines, perfect and more comfortable for cleaning our workplaces and our homes.